Questionnaire on State of the art use of forecasts in the business practices of actors in the power systems sector

Friday 03 Jun 16


Corinna Möhrlen
WEPROG, Weather and Energy Prognoses

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The purpose of the questionnaire is to get an overview of the current situation in the power industry. It is part of the „IEA Wind Task 36: Forecasting for Wind Energy“, where experts in specific fields collect information from the industry in order to identify areas, where progress is needed or where it is difficult to achieve further progress. By combining this information with their expert knowledge, it is planned to formulate and publish white papers and practical recommendations to the industry. Along the way, workshops and special sessions will be used to communicate and exchange results to the industry and interested stake holders and individuals.


State of the art use of forecast uncertainties in the business practices of actors in the power systems sector. 

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14 NOVEMBER 2019