Free NWP data

The following list was compiled by IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy.

Met. service/model URL Format additional information
Environment Canada GRIB2 Environment Canada GRIB data
Environment Canada / GDPS GRIB2 Global Deterministic Forecast System (GDPS) 0.24° grid
Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD, Germany GRIB2 NWP models of DWD
DWD / ICON GRIB2 Global ICON, triangular grid
DWD / ICON-EPS GRIB2 ICON-EPS, triangular grid
DWD / ICON-EU GRIB2 ICON-EU, regular grid
DWD / ICON-EPS GRIB2 ICON-EU-EPS, triangular grid
Meteo France GRIB2 Open Data (Donnees publiques) of Meteo France
Meteo France / NWP models GRIB2 NWP model data
Meteo France / ARPEGE GRIB2 Global model ARPEGE: global 0.5° Europe 0.1°
NCEP, USA GRIB2 Many NWP models of NCEP, several access methods
NCEP / GFS (grib_filter) GRIB2 GFS grib_filter 0.25° to cut out sub domains
NCEP / GFS Ensemble (grib_filter) GRIB2 GFS ensemble 0.5° grib_filter to cut out sub domains
KNMI, Netherlands GRIB1 go to HARMONIE-AROME forecasts for NW-Europe
Norwegian Met. Institute netCDF netCDF data of MetCoOp Ensemble Prediction System and AROME Arctic

Status: 29 January 2020, Helmut Frank (DWD), Anton Kaifel (ZSW), Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi (Greenlytics)