Talks from IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting members on ESIG Meteorology & Market Design for Grid Services Workshop 2021

Tuesday 08 Jun 21

This week: a session on probabilistic renewables forecasting and a use case, and on Thursday a talk on IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy, extreme events and nowcasting on the ESIG 2021 Meteorology & Market Design for Grid Services Workshop. See talks by Pierre Pinson, Corinna Möhrlen, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, Carlo Siebenschuh, Robin Broder Hytowitz and Dr Nick Engerer.

For registration, or if you missed it for the recording and slides:

The full program of the two sessions is:

Session 3: Probabilistic Forecasting: State-of-Art and Use in Operations

Tuesday, June 8
3:00 – 5:00 p.m. (US-EDT)

Chair: Benjamin Hobbs, O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute, Johns Hopkins University
Co-Chair: Aidan Tuohy, Program Manager, EPRI

Probabilistic Forecasting: Development of Novel Products for Advanced Operational Needs
Pierre Pinson (@pierrepinson), Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Probabilistic Net-load Forecasting Using Gradient Boosted Classification
Daniel Kirk-Davidoff (@dankd), Lead Research Scientist, UL

A Probabilistic Forecasting System for Solar Power Generation
Carlo Siebenschuh, Research Scholar/Software Engineer, IBM

Ensemble-Based Dynamic Ramping Reserve Forecasts: An Irish Case Study
Corinna Möhrlen, Managing Director, WEPROG, Germany

Solar Uncertainty Management and Mitigation for Exceptional Reliability in Grid Operations (SUMMER-GO)
Bri-Mathias Hodge, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder


Session 4: Global Advances in Forecasting

Thursday, June 10
3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (US-EDT)

Chair: Jessica Harrison, Senior Director of R&D, MISO

IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting Recommendations
Gregor Giebel, Head of Section for Grid Integration and Energy Systems, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

Extreme Events and Resource Adequacy
Robin Hytowitz, Grid Ops & Planning, EPRI

Renewable Energy Nowcasting in South Australia
Nick Engerer, (@nickengerer) CTO and Co-founder, Solcast, Australia


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