Poster session on the ElectricCity conference in Copenhagen, November 2021

Gaming for wind power won a poster award

Friday 17 Dec 21
Corinna Möhrlen, Nadine Fleischhut, Ricardo Bessa and Gregor Giebel won a poster award in Copenhagen for an investigation into human decision making based on gamification of probabilistic forecasts. Please play the game yourself!

The winning poster was prepared under the aegis of IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy. It motivates how to use probabilistic forecasts over deterministic ones, using a game to make the benefits more tangible. As Corinna was not there on the day of the price ceremony, Gregor picked up the price and handed it over in the forecasting session on Thursday.

For all of those that have been trying to play our probabilistic forecasting game in the last day and received a message that the game is offline, we can now announce that it is ONLINE again. After the announcement on the Experiment 2 Game being online in the  IEA Wind task 36 webinar on Wednesday on the "Forecasting Games and Experiment Initiative" the experiment game web page was down for 1 day. The Game-team apologises for the inconvenience and can announce now that the game experiment is online again at:

Background information on the initiative and experiment can be found on the mainpage:  (- to get to the game, just use the "Play again" tab at the top - )
The game-team appreciates any type of additional feedback that you might be willing to share with us on your experience with the game in general. Please contact Corinna Möhrlen for feedback, questions or suggestions at


Gregor Giebel collecting the poster award for Corinna Möhrlen on the ElectricCity 2021 in Copenhagen.

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